A downloadable engine for Windows

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This is an in development custom 2D game engine written in C/C++ and OpenGL for my own personal use. 

I started to create this engine as a learning experience, and have been working on it ever since as a passion project. It contains a rendering backend programmed using OpenGL, window creation using the Windows API, my own take on a fully managed Entity Component System, and a custom Axis Aligned Bounding Box physics engine. I keep adding and improving it over time, and plan to use it in the future for any games I want to independently develop.


The current test build of the engine contains a really prototype-y side scroller, with the main current features being smooth movement, ledge climbing, and early telekinesis controls.


The code provided is not the complete engine source code, it only contains some sections of it. As this engine and game are my proprietary passion projects, I want to keep them mostly private until I feel they are ready to be shown off to the public.


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Engine Test Build "Playground" 4 MB
Early Engine Source Code Sample 17 kB